I can give you an honest and critical evaluation of your submission.

As part of the pitch assessment, I will look at:

Your covering letter
I will review for common mistakes, missed opportunities, clarity and market viability.

Your synopsis (one to two pages)
Even published bestsellers hate writing synopses, so I will sympathetically help you polish your synopsis so that it outlines your plot effectively, introduces all the key characters, is formatted professionally and hits all the key beats.

Your writing sample (up to 10,000 words)
Above everything else, your writing sample will make or break your submission. I will assess it for style, plot, pacing, character and format. As with a manuscript assessment, I will make suggestions and notes directly on to the document, and give you an overview of how to improve your work so it stands you in the best stead for a full manuscript request.

Price £225

Pitch submission reports will be sent to you within 10 days. If you would like it more urgently, let me know and I will quote for a faster turnaround.

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