Workshops – coming in 2023

Created: 20 Dec 2022 / Categories: agents, BLOG, character, courses, editing, plot, voice, workshop, writing

In 2023, I am hoping to run a series of workshops on Zoom and, potentially, in-person. These will focus on getting started with writing, plotting, creating characters, editing and submission

How to plan a page turner

Created: 22 Aug 2021 / Categories: BLOG, plot, writing

From the 2018 archives, when I had just started to plan the novel that was to eventually become The Hit List. I hope these techniques are as useful to you

Why finding your voice is essential for writers

Created: 22 Aug 2021 / Categories: BLOG, voice, writing

Back when we could still do such things, I did a talk to secondary schoolers about creative writing. I wanted to tell them a little about structuring a satisfying story

Are you ready to submit to literary agents?

Created: 04 Aug 2021 / Categories: agents, BLOG

You’ve finished your novel, you’ve put together a synopsis and have a list of literary agents with whom you’d love to work. Before you click ‘send’, there are a few